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Meet Our Students

Meet Our Students

University of the People, the world’s first tuition-free online university, has admitted, to date, over 2,000 students from over 170 countries. We believe that hearing about UoPeople from those it impacts the most—our students—generates the greatest awareness and understanding of our vision to democratize education. 


Click the presentation below to meet our students, find out where they come from, and read how their lives have changed since enrolling at UoPeople.

Yacine B, Benin
" UoPeople gives me the chance to have a high quality education while learning with people from all over the world."
Maryanne W, Kenya
"I am having a wonderful time learning with people from all over the world and am extremely grateful for this opportunity. It's not about what you have or don't, it's what you make of it "
Naylea, Peru
" Everyone should have access to education. Therefore, not having money or being in a wheelchair like me should not be an impediment to study. Thank God UoPeople exists."
Sandra P, Lativia
" I wanted to study Computer Sciences very much, but I couldn't afford it. I am very happy that I found UoPeople! "
Ogbonna S, Nigeria
" The education system in my country is survival of the fittest. Prior to UoPeople, I would have stayed uneducated. I am now studying Business."
Magda Q, USA
" Tuition costs limited my access to higher education before UoPeople. After I complete my degree with UoPeople, I wish to open my own software business."
Fidelis N, Cameroon
" It is interesting and inspiring to be part of a worldwide classroom, studying alongside students of other cultures, religions and backgrounds."
Lorraine M, South Africa
" I am glad to be part of UoPeople, because it is the model of what future universities will be. University of the People is a way to equality for all citizens of the world."
Joshua I, Nigeria
" Having the opportunity to study Computer Science is great because now I can hold my degree from an internationally recognized institution."
Hien P,Vietnam
" I wanted to pursue an education where all subjects are taught in English and I could experience an international culture. Therefore, I applied to UoPeople."
Mira T, Indonesia
" I worked as a secretary for 11 years in various companies. When I started studying at UoPeople, I got promoted. I now work in supply chain management as a contract specialist."
Assan S, Uganda
"I was born into a family to never educated parents and have 25 siblings.When my father died, I struggled to go to school and care for my family. UoPeople came to my rescue."
Jonathan A, Colombia
" The high cost of education in my country limited my access to higher education. I grew up in Colombia, a beautiful place that needs better education and more opportunities."