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Micro-scholarship Portal

Micro-Scholarship Portal

Micro-Scholarship Portal Information page


The Micro-Scholarship Portal is a way for students to ask UoPeople’s supporters for financial help, connecting donors directly to students in need. The Micro-Scholarship Portal enables donations to a specific student, allowing individuals the flexibility to give any amount, to whomever they choose, anytime they want. Students are eligible to apply for support through the Micro-Scholarship Portal once they have been admitted to the University. 


How does it work?

Each student will be able to access the portal online, and explain his or her financial needs. Students will be able to specify the amount needed (either part or all of his or her studies); details (age, country, degree etc.); a photo and a little bit about their personal story. Potential donors visit the site, read about students in need, and donate to specific students in small or large amounts. Donors are everyday people - members of your community and individuals hailing from all economic situations themselves, who want to make a difference with a small amount.


Click here to view the Micro-Scholarship Portal.