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Computer Science

computer science
The Computer Science program will enable students to become knowledgeable in the design of software and to acquire foundational knowledge of the mathematics that can be applied to all aspects of software design, development and verification. At the end of the program students will have gained an appreciation of the foundations of computation, an understanding of the structure of programming languages, the skills to put these concepts and technologies into practice, and the know-how to utilize hardware to its fullest potential.

Applicants to the University requesting to be admitted as a Degree Seeking Student to major in Computer Science must demonstrate that they possess the requisite preparation in mathematics in order to be admitted to the major.  Evidence of strong high school mathematics preparation, prior college-level work in mathematics and/or computer science, and/or work-related experience in this area will be considered.  Applicants who are otherwise qualified to major in Computer Science, but whose educational or work history does not show a sufficiently-strong mathematical background, will be offered the opportunity to take MATH 0101 Developmental Algebra as a Non-degree Special Student.  Applicants will be eligible to be considered for admission as a Degree Seeking Student to major in Computer Science after this requirement has been met.  

Associate of Science Degree – Computer Science

The Associate of Science in Computer Science program is built on a strong liberal arts base and enables students to explore the field from a range of perspectives, gaining a fundamental understanding of the mathematical and scientific principles underlying computing and information technology and of their application in the field. Students learn how to apply strategies for the effective design of computing systems; analyze problems using multiple perspectives, methods, and tools; and develop their critical thinking in respect to computer ethics. The Associate’s program introduces students to the field, grounds them in the techniques of computing, and also equips them for continued study towards a Bachelor of Science Degree.  


Bachelor of Science Degree – Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program provides students with in-depth knowledge and analytic skills associated with the design, development, testing and documentation of a range of operating systems; database management; and programming languages. With computers found in every aspect of today’s society, students completing the Bachelor of Science Degree are prepared for a range of options, including continued study in the field at the graduate level. 

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